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How To Update Linksys Router Firmware by Linksys Log Into Router ?

Linksys router features various important settings and useful features to secure your network. You can use these features once you login into Linksys router users interface. You can enter into router user interface via Linksys log into the router. This is an only way which let you configure router settings and set your own preferences. There is another main feature of Linksys router that can increase the existing performance of your device via a Firmware update. Firmware is quite an important part of any router which helps in fixing the issue of your previous firmware. Linksys router gives you the option of automatic firmware update. You can also upgrade your router firmware manually if you wish to. Linksys router user can check the fresh version of Firmware update on router product page.  So, our today’s blog is entirely dedicated to Firmware upgrade & Linksys log into the router. Go through the entire blog and write down your queries which you wish to ask our router experts. They are available round the clock on our toll-free number. Let’s start with the important instruction prior updation of Linksys router firmware.

Important the Points Prior Linksys Router Firmware Update

  • The user can check if there is any Firmware update available on support site.
  • Look for this information on the utmost right portion of the Linksys router’s web-based setup page.
  • Linksys Smart Wifi Router users can check the firmware version of their router by the use of Linksys cloud account.

Points for Correct Sequence of Manual Firmware Upgrade

  • You can prevent Firmware update failure by following these points.
  • Firmware upgrade requires stable connectivity. So, connect your same computer to the router via Ethernet Cable which you will use in a Firmware upgrade.
  • Router experts strongly decline the idea of wireless updation of firmware it can permanently damage your router.
  • Just in case, your browser doesn’t work, use another browser without delay. Or if possible, try to use another computer.
  • Ensure you downloads correct firmware version as per your router model. In case of an issue, contact our experts for Linksys log into the router.

How to Download the Firmware?

  • First, note down what is your router model number and the serial number. It will help you in downloading the correct version of the Firmware version.
  • You can locate model number and the serial number on the router label.
  • Now, download and save the updated firmware file as of Linksys Support Site on your Computer.
  • The user can save updated firmware file to their preferred location on their computer. As per experts, it is better to save the file on the desktop, so that you can locate it easily.
  • Downloaded firmware file format will be bin or img and .bix.

To know further steps of firmware upgrade and Linksys log into the router, contact our experts on the toll-free number. They are available to assist you round the clock. You can reach our router professionals anytime 24/7.  You can also do live interaction with them. Or if you wish to leave feedback for our team, post your valuable comments in the comment box.