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Linksys Velop Setup

Setting up Velop Mesh WiFI System is easy using the Linksys app. But we require the following things before setting up the first node. In this illustration we have used an iOS device to setup the Velop system.


  1. An iPhone running on iOS 9.0 (atleast) or more.
  2. The latest Linksys app installed on iOS device.
  3. An active Internet access.


1. Launch the Linksys app and tap on Launch Setup when the app launches.

2. Now login to the Linksys cloud account and go to Setup a New Product option. Under it tap on Setup a New Velop System.

3. Just follow the on-screen instructions to turn-on your Bluetooth connection. Setup is more quick and easy with the help of Bluetooth. Turn-on the Bluetooth so we can scan for Velop system nearby. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to turn-on the Bluetooth.

4. Now a page with Terms and Conditions will appear on the screen. Read the page and tap on Agree. You will see this page only when you launch the Linksys app for the first time.

5. Now the setup will search for nearby devices. You need to choose Linksys Velop system from the list.

6. Now according to your existing Internet connection setup choose the following from the list:

  • Select Modem-Router if you have a separate modem and router.
  • Select Single Device if you have Modem-Router working on a single device.

7. Now a screen will appear asking you to gather all the items you see on screen. Once you are ready with all the items, tap Next.

8.Disconnect your existing router from the modem and unplug it from the power outlet. If you chose the Single Device Setup previously, you won’t see this screen.

9.Plug-in a Node and tap on Next.

10.Now connect the Velop node to the modem and tap on Next. If the light doesn’t turn solid purple, tap on its not turning purple and tap Next.

11. Now setup will look for Velop Node. Once node is detected tap on Next and it will check for Internet connection. If you have PPPoE connection, you will be prompted to enter the username and password. But if you have a Static WAN IP Address, wait until ‘Restart Your Modem’ option has appeared on your screen and then tap on I want to enter my ISP setting manually.

12. Now follow on-screen instructions and enter your email and username and tap on Create Account to finish creating account. If you already have cloud account on Linksys app, tap on Log in here and enter the login credentials.

13. Now create wireless network name (SSID) and network key (Passphrase) for your Velop system and tap Next.

14. Now you will be prompted to name your node that best describes its location.

15.Now you have successfully added Linksys Velop node. If you want to enter more nodes, tap on Add another node. That’s it!