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Quick Guide For Linksys Smart Wifi Tools

What you look for in a router every time you buy a new router? Easy setup, smart features, security-enabled device, maximum coverage or value for money, is what you are looking, get Linksys router. Linksys router is a great combination of high-speed and advancement. When you bought any Linksys wifi router, you get a free service called Linksys smart wifi. This feature has a long list of smart tools which helps a lot protecting and smartly handling Linksys router. This feature is free and only needs an active internet connection. You can view your home network and wifi remotely by using Linksys smart wifi app. now distance will only be a number, you can access router setting from anywhere. To get detailed information on the smart wifi, stay connected with us until the end of the blog. Let’s get started with knowing more about tools smart wifi feature has.

Tools of Linksys Smart Wifi

With smart wifi access, you can use mobile app and tools. These tools are quite in overall working of the router. It gives you the power to access your home network or router from anyplace.

Benefits of Linksys Smart Wifi Tools

  • Now, you can Turn On/Off Internet connectivity of your devices from anyplace.
  • You can get smart media prioritization for HD video streaming and online gaming.
  • Access your home network by the use of web browser and also Mobile App.
  • Control what your kids browse where you are not in the home.
  • The mobile app can also be accessed to easily manage and control your every device.

What Are the Tools Of Linksys Smart Wifi?

Guest Access: – Now, fear no more while sharing your network with other. Give access to your network to other users without compromising network password. With guest access, you can add up to 50 guests in a row.

Network Map: – Don’t get lost on the list of devices. View which devices are connected to your router & to wi-fi by the help of Network app. Keep an eye on the devices and monitor their activities.

Speed Test: – Do you want to know what speed of your Internet Connection is having? If yes, you can use Speed test tools to monitor the internet speed every time you are in doubt.

Wireless: – Now, there is a great way to secure and customize your wireless network as you want to secure it. You can also customize the settings whenever you wish to.

USB/External Storage: – It’s now in Linksys router user’s hand, how other users can access their network shared files with the USB storage tool. This feature is the only available router with USB Storage abilities.

Troubleshooting: – If you are concerned about your Linksys router network connectivity issues, take a look at Troubleshoot tool. It has info regarding the status of the router.

Parental Control: – With Parental control tool, you can be sure about your kid’s online activities. You can limit their internet access or block websites if required.

Device Prioritization: – Is it true that your few device demands more bandwidth as compared to other devices, if yes prioritize bandwidth for them. Use Device Prioritization to add devices to the list.

To get more information regarding above-mentioned topic and assistance for Linksys smart wifi get connected with our experts. They are available 24/7 on the toll-free number or you can also interact live with them.