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The setup wizard is known to everyone who uses a wireless router or other networking devices. If you don’t know what is setup wizard, don’t worry. The setup wizard is a web interface which allows a user to manage all the network settings of the wireless router. You can even set up your wireless router or wireless extender. So in this article, we will discuss what setup wizard is. We will explain you how to set up the device using the device setup wizard. Go through the whole article to know about the device setup wizard and how to use it.

Router Setup Wizard

In case you want to set up the wireless router, you will need to go to the wireless router setup wizard. We have mentioned the instructions below in order to access the wireless router setup wizard.

  • Before you go to the computer to access the setup wizard, please ensure that hardware set up is properly done.
  • After you verify the hardware setup, go to the computer and open a web browser of your choice.
  • Enter the default IP address of your wireless router in the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard.
  • The browser will take you to the router login page where you will see a login window asking for username and password. Enter the router username and password into the respective fields.
  • After this, you will see the setup wizard on your screen from where you can manage all the settings of your wireless router. You can set up the router by following the on-screen instructions.

Not able to access setup wizard?

If you are not able to access the setup wizard on your web browser, don’t worry. We will provide you with the solution to this query. You may face this issue if you have forgotten the router login password or your browser is not updated. In case your browser is not updated or not able to access the login page, switch to a different web browser and try to access the setup wizard. Still, if you are facing this issue, try to reset the wireless router by following the below given steps:

  1. Look for the reset button on the back of the wireless router.
  2. You will need a paperclip or any other similar item to press the button.
  3. Press the reset button and hold for a few seconds until you see all the lights blinking on the router.
  4. Now release the button and wait while your wireless router restarts.

Now that you have reset the wireless router, you can access the setup wizard by filling up the default router values.

We hope that this article helped you in gaining some knowledge about the setup wizard. If you still face any difficulty, feel free to call us on our Toll-Free number and we will be more than happy to assist you.