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Learn How To Setup Linksys Wi-Fi Router for the First Time via Linksys Connect

Nowadays, we like or it is essentials for success to keep connected with each other on a virtual network. This requirement only gets fulfilled by the router. The router is a device that links multiple computer & devices with the network. So, in order to have better networking one needs a quality router. It is not that much difficult to have a quality router. These days’ markets are full of various types of routers. Still, we can’t use any router for our home network. Before any person invests in router they must fully understand their needs regarding home networking. Well, there is one router company that stands out from the crowd and this is Linksys. Linksys routers are not new in routers market. They are most reliable & most trusted router available these days. They came with features that hardly get found in any other router. Linksys router gets easily configured. You can configure then by IP address setup & also with the Web address. So, if you are also looking to invest in router then think of Linksys first.

Today, we will try to answer Linksys router user’s queries in every possible way. So, for them, we will discuss installation & setup of the Linksys router. Not only this, we will also discuss few troubleshooting tips regarding issues of Linksys routers. So, be with us until the end of this page. Note down your queries also & if you don’t get an answer to your query then write us in the form of comments. We have a team of professionals that can answer your every query or doubt regarding Linksys routers. So, get ready to have an answer to your queries & issues of setup. Let’s get started now with setup Linksys router.

Setup Linksys Wi-Fi Router via Linksys Connect For the Very First Time

Linksys connect helps Linksys router users in configuration. Linksys connect get used during initial setup of your router. By utilizing Linksys connect, you can Link computer & devices to a wireless network in few minutes.  You also get lots of useful features under Linksys connect. These features are listed below & helpful in securing & managing the wireless network.

  • Parental Controls
  • Security Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Guest Access

So, now note down the requirement for Installation of Linksys connect that will help you in Initial Linksys setup. Your computer will need one of the browsers, Operating system.

Computer Browsers: – Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer® 6 or later, Firefox® 2 or later & Safari® 3 or later.

Computer operating systems:- Windows 7, Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows 8 & Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1 or higher.

Pre-requisite for Setup

  • A computer with an Ethernet port & CD drive
  • A Linksys Wi-Fi Router
  • Linksys Connect Setup CD
  • Two (2) Internet/Ethernet (RJ-45) cables

Don’t worry if your computer doesn’t have CD Drive or you don’t have Linksys Connect Setup CD. You can download software of Linksys Connect Setup from Linksys router official website. So, now start with testing your Internet connection. Follow the below mentioned step to verify internet connection.


Initially, try to connect to the internet. By the use of Ethernet cable connect Modem to the computer. In case, you don’t even has Modem then connect fiber optic cable or Patch to computer’s Ethernet port. Optic cable or Patch is generally get provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Steps for Setup Linksys Router with Linksys Connect For the First Time

  • Put Linksys Connect Setup Cd into computer CD drive. When you see pop up window, simply click on the Set up your Linksys Router. In case, you don’t see any pop-up window then click twice on the Icon of My computer. After this, look for Icon & again double click on it. It will start setup instantly.
  • Next, click On the Link of the read license terms. Don’t forget to select the language option of your preference & then click Next to continue further.
  • When you see instruction numbered as 1 or 2, simply follow them.
  • You will get information regarding Setup Progress in next window. So, do not close the window.
  • Here, your network will provide auto-produced wireless network name (SSID) & a password. It is better to change network name here, in order to secure your network.
how to setup linksys router

Want to know more about setup of Linksys router? If yes, then you only need to get connected with our experts. We have professionals that stay active all day long to answer your queries on the toll-free number. If you want to Interact with our team live then approach our team for the same. You can also share your feedback & suggestion directly with the team. Leave message or query in the comment box for early replies.