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Linksys Router Login

Login to the Linksys router using the IP address is the Linksys router’s default IP address that is used when you want to access the admin panel of your Linksys router. Or we can say when you want to open the Linksys router login page. This IP address is not only used by Linksys Company but many networking companies use this as a default gateway address. This address is used for setting up the Linksys router. And if you want to change the settings of your Linksys router then you can do so by using this IP address.

Enter the IP address in the address bar of the browser window and hit enter. It will open the login page of your Linksys router. The login details at first are same for every Linksys router. It is recommended to change the same for your Linksys router so that nobody can access your router setup page by using the default one. The username and password to enter into the router’s setup page can be different for each router but the IP address remains same for all Linksys router. Linksys router login page can only be accessed by using this IP address. setup page

You will not be able to access the Linksys router login page because of the three reasons mentioned below.

  • The Company has setup a different IP address than to setup your new Linksys router.
  • The computer system and browser fault can also cause this to be happened. They are not able to join the network.
  • Your Linksys router is not able to connect by using the Internet browser. Troubleshooting for all the issues mentioned above.
linksys router login
  • If you are not able to open the login page using then check the IP address for your router. It may be the possibility that your provider has set some other IP address to access the login page of your Linksys router. It can be any such as or To check the IP address for your Linksys router, go to Setup then Basic Setup. You will see the IP address for your router.
  • Your computer may cause various problems even if the router is working well on the IP address Setup the LAN wireless network very carefully as this may cause your router to malfunction in various ways. You should be aware of the basic terminology used in the networking as this helps in building a strong network.
  • If the router is not able to connect via the IP address then the reason may be your router, your computer system or may be the wireless connectivity. To resolve this issue, you have proper knowledge of how to setup your Linksys router.

An easy way to log into a Linksys router

Logging into the router is vital if you want to connect with the outside world around you. is the magical number to enter into the admin page of the Linksys router. Or you can also use instead of the IP address.

  1. If the Linksys router and modem is plugged in already then plug them out from the power outlet
  2. Make a connection between your router and computer by using an Ethernet cable. Put one end of the cable into the computer and another into one of the LAN ports at the back of the Linksys router.
  3. Take another Ethernet cable from the box of the router. Plug its one end into the Ethernet port of the modem and another end into the Internet port of your Linksys router.
  4. Supply power to your modem by plugging it into the power outlet. Switch it on by turning on the power button and wait for around 30 seconds to one minute.
  5. Now, turn on your router and wait till the power light turns solid green. This will take around thirty seconds to one minute.
  6. Launch an Internet browser on your computer system. In the URL bar of the browser, enter the IP address, default one for the Linksys router.
  7. Login window displays. Enter the login details and submit the details. This will open the configuration page for your router.

Repeat this process if have any issues or not able to get in for the very first time. You entered into the web interface of the Linksys router after following these steps. You may face some issues while opening the web interface such as after entering the IP address, it may show you a message “you are not connected to the internet”. We solve these types of issues or mainly issues related to networking. Our team is available 24/7 to support you and provide you solutions you may encounter while setting up your Linksys router.