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Linksys Smart Wifi

What is ? is the default IP Address for the Linksys Router, Which can be used for various purposes.

To setup a Router

  • ->To make changes to the Router Settings.
  • ->Add or remove devices with WPS.
  • ->To Setup the router, The Linksys Router should be ON and your computer should be connected to the router either with a Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Then we need to pull up a browser on the computer and on the address bar type in the Ip address 19216811, it will bring up a prompt for a username and password, The Default username is : admin and the default Password is : password or admin or you can find the default username and password under the router after entering the information click ok and this will direct you to the set up page follow the instructions and the router set up is Done.
  • ->With the IP address 19216811 we can make changes to the Router, For example: Routers WI-FI password, Username, Admin Password, Channels, adjust the proxies, parental controls and many other.
  • ->There are few Linksys routers that do not have a WPS (Wireless Protected setup) button on them, but they do support the WPS. In this case if you want to hook up a new device maybe like a Extender , Booster, Fire stick, TV, Phones, Wireless Printers which supports the WPS. You can go to 19216811 and go to the WPS settings Push button option, First press and hold the button on the Client device for 5 seconds and once you see the wireless or the WPS light is blinking press the push button on the Linksys router page and this is how you can connect to a device without any security key.

What if 19216811 does not work ?

There could be much reason why the default IP address for the Linksys Router is not working.
  • If not connected to the router.
  • If the Mac address for the router is not self-obtained.
  • The Default IP is different then19216811.

->If we are not connected to the router wirelessly or with aEthernet cable we will not be able to reach 19216811 as there is no connection with the router. Please check the connection first, whether your computer is connected to the router wirelessly or with a Ethernet cable, to check the status press the windows and R key together on the keyboard and type in NCPA.CPL and hit Enter. This will direct you to a network connections window if you are connected through the Ethernet cable you will see the status connected on Ethernet or Local area connection. And if with the Wi-Fi you will see it connected.

->After we checked the status is connected for the router we need to see if the router has the self-obtained Mac Address. This could be another reason why are we not able to connect to the IP 19216811.

->To fix this issue first we need a direct connection with the Modem to the computer and then fetch the modem’s IP pull up the modem page. Fetch the physical mac address for the modem and then use the same physical address for the Wi-Fi and the try to connect to 19216811 and it should work. Setup Wizard

If still we are not able to use the IP address 19216811 then it could be that the default IP address is different, To find that press the windows key and the letter R on the keyboard together and type in CMD. This will direct us to the Command Prompt screen type in IPCONFIG and hit Enter. We will get the Windows IP configurations look for Default Gateway it would have some numbers and that will be the default IP for the router try to use that Ip address rather then 19216811.

Linksys Router Setup

Just bought a new Linksys Router, But not sure how to set it up. Here are some basics steps in detail how to setup a Linksys Router.
  • ->First, we need to plug in the router to the power and make sure you are not connecting the router to power serge or an extension it has to be plugged in directly to the wall power outlet to prevent it from internet conflicts.
  • ->We would need an Ethernet cable, from the modem to the router to the internet port. If your computer is not wireless compatible we will require another Ethernet cable from Router to the computer.
  • ->On the computer pull up a browser (Internet Explorer, Google chrome) at the address bar on the top put the Default IP address and hit Enter this will take you to new Linksys setup wizard.
  • ->Now, press and hold the windows key and the letter “R” on the keyboard and it will bring up a Run window on the screen type in CMD and click ok. You will see a black screen (Command Prompt) type in IPCONFIG and hit Enter; Windows Ip configuration will come up look for a default gateway. Probably the default gateway for the Linksys Router is
  • ->On the Linksys Setup Wizard click on let me choose and then it will run a scan to find the existing Wi-Fi or a network in the house. Once you see the existing Wi-Fi click on it and put in the Wi-Fi password and hit next. Then it will ask if you want to keep the same password for the Linksys Router click on next if you want to keep it same or select another option to set up a password put in the new password hit next. Once you see a message stating the router set up is complete just try to connect any device with the router and that should work.


I am not able see my new Linksys Wi-Fi name in the Available network Wireless list.

  • ->First check if the router is ON, if its ON make sure the routers distance from the computer should not exceed then 30 feet’s for the set up.
  • ->Make sure the router is not connected to a power serge or an extension, it should be directly connected to the power outlet on the wall. The power light on the router should be solid green or white. But if you see an Amber light or maybe a Red or Orange light try to reset the router.
  • ->To reset the router look for a factory reset button or a tiny hole at the back of the router get a paper clip and press hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds. You will see the lights on the router may flash for few seconds and then turn into green or white color then release the button and wait for the router to boot up again once you see the power light came back solid green or white check the Wi-Fi list again.
  • ->In case after resetting the router the light is still Amber, Red or Orange try to do a power reset by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds again and unplug the router while holding the reset button on the router wait for 10 secondsput the router back to the power plug and release the reset button and wait for the router if changes to green or white try to look for the Wi-Fi in the network list.
  • ->But if it’s still red, orange or amber take the router back to the store or where ever you bought it from and get it replaced as the router is bad.